Top 5 Ways To Secure Sliding Glass Doors From Burglar

Many consider sliding glass doors a weak point when it comes to forced entry from a burglar or home invader; however, in this guide, we will be talking over some of our top five ways to secure your glass doors. It’s imperative not to neglect the security of a sliding glass door. Because home security is only as good as its weakest link, which is undoubtedly a slidable glass door in some cases.

Below are our top five ways to secure sliding glass doors from burglars.

1. Shatterproof Film

When our customers ask us how they can improve the security of their sliding glass door from break-in attacks, our go-to answer is generally applying a shatterproof film to the glass and a blocking bar if necessary. Impact-resistant films are usually cost-effective solutions because they can be either transparent or tinted to help with the sun’s rays, and they ensure that the glass is more difficult to break. Applying a shatterproof film to a sliding glass door might be a wise idea if living in an area with frequent hurricanes, as it could also help with that. 

Besides using shatterproof film, you can also install impact-resistant sliding glass doors which can achieve the same result. Some companies sell hurricane-proof sliding glass doors that can withstand bricks and other complex objects hurling at them at breakneck speeds. The shatterproof film is generally regarded as the more cost-effective solution out of the two. 

2. Blocking Bars

Blocking bars are a simple but effective way to secure your home. By installing bars over windows and doors, you can make it much more difficult for burglars to break in. In addition, blocking bars can also provide an additional layer of protection against severe weather conditions such as hurricanes and tornadoes. While they may not be able to completely prevent damage, they can help to limit the amount of damage that occurs. As a result, blocking bars can give you peace of mind knowing that your home is better protected.

3. Window Locks or Security Pins

Window locks are sometimes able to be used on sliding glass doors, and they can add extra layers of security. Window locks and other sliding patio door locks can be screwed onto the frame or track to prevent the door from opening, similar to a blocking bar. You can also add security pins. To install a security pin, you will need to drill a hole through the bottom right interior corner of the glassoor and partially into the frame. This hole will be spacious enough for a metal pin to fit into. A security pin is a hardened steel pin that can be placed into the hole and hold the two doors together.

4. Alarm System & Glass Break Detector

 An excellent way to secure sliding glass doors from a break-in attempt will be to surround the outside of the gate with alarm system notifications. It has been proven that burglars are less likely to invade a residence if there is an alarm system. In addition to an alarm system for the sliding glass door, it’s also highly recommended to add a glass break detector on the glass. This is generally a simple and cost-effective solution that, when done correctly, will trigger a loud alarm as soon as the slidable glass door’s glass is broken.

Nowadays, it’s possible to get do-it-yourself alarm kits, which are affordable. While an alarm system might not do anything in terms of physical security, it has been indicated by the F. B. I. that thiefs are 2.7 times more likely to target homes without alarm systems. Many products are on the market that doesn’t have subscription fees or installation costs besides purchasing the original alarm kit itself. An alarm system works well with a motion-triggered floodlight covering the outside of the sliding glass door. Many alarm systems can be synced with the homeowner’s smartphone, allowing instant messages and alerts. 

5. Strong Locks

The importance of sliding glass doors should not be overlooked.t be secure and robust enough to withstand a forced entry attempt such as a criminal with a crowbar. Sliding glass doors are often considered so vulnerable because of how simple it would be to throw a brick through a window or force the door open. There are many different types of sliding glass door locks that can be found online and in many home improvement stores. It may be a wise investment if the security of a folding door is in question.


We feel that it is also pertinent to mention that protecting the perimeter of the slidable glass door is also essential. This is in addition to preserving the actual glass door itself. This means that a sliding glass door facing a public alley is more likely to get burglarized than a sliding glass door fully equipped with all of the options above and securely located in a backyard with strong surrounding walls and extra security attributes such as a guard dog. 

It may also be a smart idea to think about keeping blinds closed and curtains covering the glass doors when necessary, like around nighttime. Consider placing a motion sensor on the porch or around the sliding glass door. Additionally, motion-detecting floodlights are effective tools for scaring off Intruders. Those on a budget might consider installing dummy security cameras around the sliding glass door as it can also help scare off potential intruders.