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13 Places to Buy Plants Online

Looking for the best places to buy plants online?

Here are some of the finest locations to buy popular houseplants on the internet while staying inside your budget. All that’s left is to find out how to keep them alive

1. Amazon


Visit Amazon

Yes, you may order plants from Amazon. On the online superstore, you can find specimens for as cheap as $2, but you get what you pay for. If you don’t mind bringing a plant back to health after some not-so-ideal shipping conditions, Amazon is a more cost-effective option.

2. UrbanStems

places buy plants online urbanstems

Visit UrbanStems

These florists will send plants in as little as two hours in select locations, but UrbanStems also provides free, next-day shipping nationwide. The plants are on the pricey side ($48 and above), but the display-worthy pots are included, and you’ll save money on shipping.

3. The Sill

places buy plants online the sill

Visit The Sill

Check out The Sill if you’re just starting off with gardening. This website only sells houseplants with the goal of encouraging “plant parenthood.” Each new companion comes with not just basic care instructions, but also a one-year guarantee on some types.

Prices range from $6 for a little plant in kraft paper to $60 and above for bigger plants in elegant pots, with free shipping on purchases over $75.

4. Etsy

places buy plants online etsy

Visit Etsy

It’s not only for arts and crafts. Plants are sold by nurseries all around the country on Etsy, so you’ll find unusual types and colors that aren’t accessible on other sites.

5. Bloomscape

places buy plants online bloomscape

Visit Bloomscape

Bloomscape offers potted plants that are transported directly from their greenhouse, so you won’t get some neglected warehouse ferns on their final legs. If you’re a plant rookie, the site makes it simple to identify what could be ideal for you—you can restrict your search by amount of growing difficulty, pet friendly, and if you’re searching for something for your home office.

6. Horti

places buy plants online horti

Visit Horti

We chose Horti because, though you can buy plants individually, its standout feature is a subscription service. You may select from a number of plant delivery choices, and Horti will bring you a new plant (or three) every month or every two months. With each new arrival, you gradually improve your green thumb and confidence as a plant parent.

7. Home Depot

places buy plants online homedepot

Visit Home Depot

Inside and out, they provide everything you need for home improvements, repairs, and improvements. So why wouldn’t they have a wide variety of houseplants? Home Depot also offers free delivery if you spend more than $45, and their online store has a big range of plants that aren’t available in store.

8. Greenery NYC

places buy plants online green unlimited

Visit Greenery NYC

Greenery NYC, another specialty business we adore, is relatively new to the green scene. While they specialize in plants for New York City, they also export plants throughout the United States. The flexibility to mix and match makes this online business stand out to us—you can choose a plant and then choose a unique planter to go with it that matches the decor of your house. Plant costs start at $12, and if you reside in NYC, they even offer same-day shipment.

9. Nature Hills Nursery –

places buy plants online natural hills

Visit Nature Hills Nursery

Nature Hills Nursery began as a neighborhood tree nursery and has now expanded to include anything from rose bushes for your patio to avocado trees for your garden to ferns for your balcony. You may pick from trees, shrubs, fruit, perennials, grasses, and roses, and though they do not offer a wide range of houseplants, you may purchase flower bulbs and grow your own.

They ship all around the country, and your order will arrive with planting, care, and storage instructions, so you’ll know precisely what to do the instant you sign for it.

10. White Flower Farm

places buy plants online white flower farm

Visit White Flower Farm

Since 1950, White Flower Farm has been run by the same family. This is a terrific place to check if you want to spruce up your front yard or color up your garden. You may search among daffodils, tulips, peonies, perennials, shrubs, and vines to discover what you’re looking for.

11. Afloral

places buy plants online afloral

Visit Afloral

This online shop not only sells lovely silk and dried flowers, but also offers well-curated fake and real plant sections. We like the aesthetic of the concrete and ceramic planters that come with some of the smaller live types. And the pricing for the bigger live kinds, which come in conventional plastic grow pots, are rather competitive. Please keep in mind that all live plant sales are final.

12. Green Digs –

places buy plants online greendigs

Visit Green Digs

Green Digs will offer stunning houseplants that will boost your area — as well as everything you need to help them grow — no matter what you’re searching for. Each Green Digs plant is hand-selected by industry professionals and comes potted, with a plant care kit, plant food, and a display string.

Green Digs collaborates with designers and craftspeople to create elegant and flexible containers, such as Burley clay pots, which are noted for their quality and capacity to manage moisture. All you have to do is unbox your plant and personalize it!

13. Plants

places buy plants online plants

Visit Plants

Well, it’s in the name. has a large selection of plants suitable for a range of purposes, ranging from herbs for your kitchen window sill to feng shui-approved bamboo plants and jade bonsai. Their selection is sorted by size, care level, and light preference, making it even easier to choose your new favorite plant. They also ship in two days.