How to Fix a Garage Door That Won’t Close

Garage doors are complex devices that can malfunction for no discernible reason or even stop functioning entirely. It could be due to its age and very obsolete technology, or it could be something small that you can fix right away.

What are the most common problems, and how do you close a stuck garage door? Read about the most common problems and how to troubleshoot them in the section below.

How to Close a Stuck Garage Door

For a variety of reasons, an electric garage door may become stuck in the open position. Since broken parts can be dangerous, you should check the garage door for damage before attempting to close it. When you are confident that there is no damage to the latch, you can close it by disconnecting it from the electric opener.


The solutions to some of the most common problems that cause a jammed garage door are described below. If you can’t quickly solve the problem with these ideas, stop and call a professional right away to avoid injuring yourself or the door. Do not try to replace garage door pieces or undertake extensive maintenance on your own.

1. Jammed or Obstructed Track

The garage door opener operates by unwinding or winding the torsion springs and pulling or pushing the garage door with rollers along a track. If something is obstructing the free movement of the rollers in one of the tracks, the garage door can stick open.

Examine the track to see if something is blocking or obstructing it. As a safety measure, switch off the garage door opener before attempting to clear any obstruction from the track.

2. Bad Weather

If your garage door is stuck during winter, ice could have formed and put pressure on your springs. And if the ice is removed, the spring will be weakened and must be replaced. If you discover that your problem is a broken spring, contact a professional right away.

Attempting to replace a garage door spring on your own is risky, and it can void your garage door warranty. If your springs are not damaged or destroyed, try removing snow and ice from your door and its device parts to see if the problem goes away.

3. Garage Door Is off the Track


It is possible for the rollers that drive the garage door up and down to jump the track in some cases. This may be the cause of your garage door being stuck when opening. If your rollers have come off the track, contact a dealer to get your door back on track professionally and securely.

If the door has come off the track due to damage to the panels, you will need to fix or replace it.

4. Jammed Pulley or Broken Spring

The pulley and spring system is important for moving your garage door along the track and opening it. If you have a jammed pulley system or a broken spring, your garage door may not function, and if this occurs when you are opening or closing the garage door, you will end up with a garage door that is stuck open.

Torsion springs have a limited lifespan. A good torsion spring can last around 10,000 cycles, or door openings and closings. It’s time to call in a pro if you have a faulty spring or a problem with the pulley system.

5. Lack of Lubrication

Poor lubrication is a very common and simple reason why your garage door might be stuck. As part of routine preventative maintenance, you can lubricate your garage door track, opener chain, and springs every few months. Use silicone-based lubricants only. WD-40 should not be used.

6. Locked Garage Door

Make sure that the garage door is not simply locked until proceeding with either of these ideas for how to repair a jammed garage door. Before undertaking any other steps or calling in a professional, make sure your door’s locking mechanism is switched off and retry opening and closing the door.

7. Issues With the Garage Door Sensor


If your garage door detects an obstacle, it may be equipped with photo eyes that prevent it from closing. Bear in mind that the obstructing element may be direct sunlight. If this is the case, you will need to create “eyeshades” to prevent the sun from affecting your sensors.

8. Damaged Garage Door Track

Your garage door track can become damaged over time, resulting in a garage door that is stuck open. Weather and harsh impacts can also cause your garage door track to sag. If you find a slight bend, you might be able to straighten it out on your own, but something more serious would necessitate professional assistance.

After You Inspect

Garage doors make life easier, but when they aren’t working properly, they can be a source of frustration.

Blockages and misaligned sensors are easy to repair on your own, but other problems, such as fixing springs and changing pressure mechanisms, require the services of a specialist.

Call a professional to learn more about what to do if your garage door becomes stuck and how to fix it.