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DIY Headboard Guide

A headboard dresses up your bed and makes it a focal point. It can be the perfect accent in a bedroom, especially if you’re working with a limited area and your only furniture is a 4 by 3 rectangle. The only issue? Upholstered headboards can be expensive, and painting one on the wall isn’t for everyone. Fortunately for you, we’ve broken down exactly how to make one on your own.

Try these creative headboard tutorials to make your bedrooms cozier than it already is.

1. Plywood & Photo DIY Headboard

diy headboard guide plywood photo diy headboard

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This stylish and one-of-a-kind headboard by The Merrythought is built of plywood and an enlarged photo print. Make one for your bedroom with easy-to-follow instructions.

2. DIY Mid-Century Modern Headboard

diy headboard guide diy mid century modern headboard

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Making this mod poplar headboard from DIY Candy requires some know-how and patience, but the result is well worth it.

3. DIY Custom Upholstered Headboard

diy headboard guide diy custom upholstered headboard

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Do you have a thing for those costly tufted headboards you see in furniture catalogs? You can make your own for a more personalized look at a reduced cost. Follow this tutorial at Somewhat Simple.

4. Vintage Screen DIY Headboard

diy headboard guide vintage screen diy headboard

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A painted old screen provides a colorful headboard with loads of character—ideal for adding a touch of enchantment to a child’s room, or really any bedroom!

5. Pallet Wood Herringbone Headboard

diy headboard guide pallet wood herringbone headboard

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Old cedar planks are used as a rustic headboard by being arranged diagonally to create a stunning herringbone pattern in this guide.

6. DIY Upcycled Frame Headboard

diy headboard guide pallet wood herringbone headboard

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Here’s an inexpensive idea with a spectacular outcome from the DIY Dreamer. Combine a thrifted frame with a frame from an art painting, then add sparkle to a headboard fit for royalty with metallic spray paint.

7. Wood Slat DIY Headboard

diy headboard guide wood slat diy headboard

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Everyone will believe you’re a pro if you make this stunning wood slat headboard. Did we mention the supplies are under $100? Get this design from Crafty Lumberjacks.

8. Headboard with a Cut-Out Panel

diy headboard guide headboard with a cut out panel

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A store display panel is transformed into a gorgeous headboard in this Shining on Design project. Make your own using a room divider, wall art, or a vintage treasure as inspiration! To add interest, paint it a color that contrasts with the color of your walls.

9. Headboard Made of Jigsaw-Cut Wood

diy headboard guide headboard made of jigsaw cut wood

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A dark stain and curving jigsaw cuts enhance this wood headboard from Lovely etc.

10. Bold and Rustic Headboard

diy headboard guide bold and rustic headboard

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A wooden headboard adds style, luxury, and comfort to any bedroom, but it comes at a high cost. Ana White of demonstrates how to make a bold, rustic headboard that any beginner woodworker can do.

11. Upholstered Headboard with a Dramatic Look

diy headboard guide upholstered headboard with a dramatic look

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A headboard can be the focal point of a bedroom. Using glue, staples, and basic sewing abilities, make an extravagant upholstered headboard from Isabella & Max Rooms’ Janell Beals.

12. A Work of Art Headboard

diy headboard guide a work of art headboard

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A canvas board can give your headboard a distinctive look at a minimal cost. Designer Dan Faires decorated a regular canvas board with nailhead trim. This no-sew craft is designed to look like an upholstered luxury headboard.

13. Cottage-Style Shutter Headboard

diy headboard guide cottage style shutter headboard

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This shutter headboard will definitely wow your guests. Layla Palmer of The Lettered Cottage was able to transform these unfinished shutters into an inviting headboard with a little paint. Make them your own by adding accessories or stenciled motifs.

How to Make Your Own Headboard

A headboard can add both style and practicality to a bedroom. Not only does it help to frame the bed, but it can also provide a place to lean when reading in bed or watching television. Best of all, a headboard is relatively easy to make yourself. With a few supplies and some basic carpentry skills, you can create a custom headboard that perfectly suits your space.

To get started, measure the width of your bed and the height of your mattress. Then, use these measurements to Cut two pieces of plywood to size. Once the plywood is cut, sand the edges smooth and apply a coat of primer. Next, decide on the fabric you want to use for your headboard. Upholstery fabrics are a good choice, as they are durable and easy to clean.

Cut the fabric to size, allowing for a few inches of overhang on each side. Then, staple the fabric in place on the back of the plywood. Finally, attach the plywood panels to the wall using screws or nails. And that’s it! With just a few simple steps, you can create a beautiful and functional headboard for your bedroom.