DIY Floating Shelves Guide and Ideas

There are numerous methods for hanging a shelf, but the appeal of floating shelves is that there is no visible hardware above or below the shelf.

Don’t worry, DIY floating shelves are a simple woodworking project for anyone familiar with power tools. Our floating shelves DIY provides practical advice to help you make a really custom décor element on a budget.

1. Kitchen DIY Floating Shelf

diy floating shelves guide and ideas kitchen

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This kitchen countertop and matching wooden floating shelves are stunning. The darker tone of the wood contrasts beautifully with the white tiles and cupboards, giving the room a bucolic and homey atmosphere. In the kitchen, use the shelves to provide easy-access storage space.

2. DIY Floating Corner Shelf

diy floating shelves guide and ideas corner

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The corners of this floating corner shelf are stunning. The raw appearance of the wood emphasizes the color contrast between the whites of the kitchen tiles and the warm glow of the wood. You can create similar shelves out of reclaimed wood and sand and seal them to give them a warm glow. It’s a great choice for the kitchen, but we also think it’d look excellent in a study or room to offer a raw and rustic aesthetic.

3. Bathroom DIY Floating Shelf

diy floating shelves guide and ideas bathroom

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With these bathroom floating shelves, you can keep the clutter away from your bathroom sink. We recommend placing these shelves near the sink or behind the toilet. The shelves are ideal for holding scented candles, a bubble bath, and other bathroom necessities. While you’re soaking in the tub, reach up to the shelf and light a scented candle to help you relax.

4. Triangle DIY Floating Shelves

diy floating shelves guide and ideas triangle

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These triangular floating shelves are designed in a retro style that we adore. The shelves resemble rewind and fast-forward buttons, making them an excellent choice for your living room. Use the shelves to keep TV guides, remote controls, magazines, and books. In a contemporary or modern home, the two-tone color scheme of white and natural wood looks amazing.

5. Corner L-Shaped Floating DIY Shelves

diy floating shelves guide and ideas corner lshaped

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Do you have stacks of books in your living room? If you’re a bookworm, this floating shelf concept will help you manage your library. Using this L-shaped floating shelf system for your study or bedroom, you may organize your books, records, or study materials. Keep the clutter off the floor and organized with floating shelves.

6. DIY Floating Shelf with Lighting

diy floating shelves guide and ideas corner with lighting

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Bring a dreary area of the room to life with this concept for lit floating shelves. Installing some downlights countersunk into the bookshelf creates a focal point as well as more light in the room. We like the white color of this design, but it may be painted any color to match the décor of the area.

7. Diamond Display DIY Floating Shelf

diy floating shelves guide and ideas corner diamond

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With this idea for lit floating shelves, you may bring a drab portion of the space to life. Installing some downlights countersunk into the bookcase gives a focal point while also increasing the amount of light in the room. We like the white color of this design, but it may be painted any color to match the décor of the area.

8. Staggered Corner DIY Floating Shelves

diy floating shelves guide and ideas staggered

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This design is suitable for modern and contemporary homes that require alternative bookshelf space but do not require extended shelves along the wall. These floating shelves look wonderful in a corner of a room and are ideal for hanging photo frames or other ornaments in your home. You may paint them any color you choose, or you can use reclaimed wood for a rustic and cozy aesthetic.

9. Creative Moon-Design DIY Floating Shelves

diy floating shelves guide and ideas moon shelves

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If you have woodworking skills and want to make something unique, check out this idea for a moon-shaped floating shelf. This moon is a lovely design that would look great in a bedroom, study, or living room. The shelf adds a stylish touch to the environment while remaining useful. It can be used to hold decorative goods such as photo frames, tiny pot plants, or candles.

10. DIY Floating Shelves for Dorm Rooms

diy floating shelves guide and ideas floating shelves in dorm

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We’ve all heard that college dorms are cramped quarters. Get rid of the clutter on your desk and the floor. This quarter-circle floating shelf system for your college dorm is the perfect storage solution for keeping your room neat and your desk clutter-free. Keep your books and ornaments in one location where you can quickly find them.

11. Shower DIY Floating Shelves

diy floating shelves guide and ideas shower floating shelves

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Shelves are required in every shower. Keep your shampoo and conditioner, as well as your shower gel, off the floor. While these genuine granite shelves are stunning, you could also create them out of plastic.

Bending down to pick up a bottle of shower gel may result in a slip-and-fall in the shower. These floating shelves provide a stylish and practical option for keeping your shower essentials within easy reach.

12. Corner Beauty Counter DIY Floating Shelf

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If you have limited space in your bedroom, this floating shelf design is excellent for your beauty regimen. The bigger bottom shelf acts as a tabletop, while the two shelves above it are for cosmetic storage. In this example, we appreciate how the light wood highlights the light and elevates your attitude in the morning.

13. Tetris-Style DIY Floating Shelves

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The stylish design of these Tetris-style bookcases reminds us of our favorite video game from the 1990s. When contrasted against a light background, these shelves look wonderful in their dark, natural wood tone. Use these shelves to create an eye-catching display and storage area in your living room, bedroom, or study.

14. Contemporary DIY Floating Shelves

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We love the way the clashing colors look in these modern floating L-shelves. They are an excellent choice for sections of the house where you entertain guests. These floating shelves have a sleek and modern appearance that makes them an eye-catching addition to any decor.

15. Zig-Zag DIY Floating Shelves

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If you have an empty area in your living room, dining room, or bedroom that is looking drab, try this DIY floating shelf idea. The alternate display surfaces are sleek and appealing, and it’s an excellent shelf for exhibiting photo frames.

How do you make a strong floating shelf?

A floating shelf is a great way to add extra storage space to a room without taking up too much space. But how do you make sure that your shelf will be strong enough to hold all of your belongings? Here are a few tips:

First, use high-quality materials. Shelves made from particle board or MDF may be cheaper, but they’re also more likely to sag over time. Instead, opt for a solid wood board or a steel shelf.

Second, don’t skimp on the brackets. Self-installation kits usually come with flimsy brackets that aren’t designed to bear a lot of weight. For a sturdier shelf, invest in heavier-duty brackets or install multiple brackets along the length of the shelf.

Third, spread the weight evenly. Avoid placing all of your heavy items on one side of the shelf; instead, distribute them evenly throughout. This will help to prevent the shelf from becoming lopsided and eventually collapsing.

When it comes to floating shelves, thickness is an important consideration. Too thin and the shelf may not be able to support the weight of your belongings; too thick and it may look out of proportion with the rest of your furniture. As a general rule, shelves should be around 10 centimeters (4 inches) thick in order to provide sufficient support without looking overly chunky.
Of course, the ideal thickness for your shelves will also depend on their size and the type of materials you plan to use them for. For example, smaller shelves can get away with being thinner than larger ones, and shelves that will be holding heavier items may need to be slightly thicker than average. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what looks best in your space. Just keep in mind that the thickness of your floating shelves can have a big impact on both their appearance and their function.

How do you make a floating shelf on a budget?

Wrapping Up

Use these floating shelf ideas to inspire your next DIY project. To make your shelves, you can use reclaimed wood, old plastic, metal fittings, or whatever you choose. Homemade shelves can look just as beautiful as store-bought goods and cost a fraction of the price.

There’s something for every area in the house with these 15 DIY floating shelf ideas. Making these shelves is a low-cost way to add extra storage and beautiful touch to your living area, bathroom, kitchen, and even your shower!